APEX – Tablet - Mobile App / Admin Web-Based Application Work Order 

ASP has worked with APEX to create a tablet work order. The work order collects information required to track and invoice the work orders.  Once completed, the screen displays in invoice like screen with a signature section allowing the customer to sign off using their finger.  The tablet user can add and submit each work order in the field even if there is no Wi-Fi available.  Once the tablet detects an internet connection, the work order on the tablet syncs with the web-based application.   We utilized their tablet distribution system to setup the app on the tablets and restrict the use of the applications on the tablet.  

The Admin Web-based Application provides a method for the admin user to add users, companies and other information to the application.  The accounting user uses the admin application to download the work orders for invoicing.  Managers can view all work orders from the web application.