HIPAA Data Analysis Reporting Tools Insight DataTrack

Custom Data Analysis and Reporting Tools Web Applications for Ohio Hospital Association

ASP is proud to assist Ohio Hospital Association with the design and develop their new website and a web-based, state-wide custom Data Analysis and Reporting Applications.  These applications – Insight and Datatrack that allows hospitals to run customized and standard reports to compare against other hospitals statewide. 

The Insight Application gives hospitals access to information regarding inpatient, outpatient, and emergency room data – over 23 million patient records a year.  The custom reporting application allows hospitals to find out where patients are going to services and what opportunities exist for growth and improvement.  Users can customize reports for inpatient market analysis, inpatient market needs assessment, inpatient origin, demographic profiles (by income, sex, age, and profile), revenue opportunities analysis (DRG, LOS, product line, payer, and physicians), and top 50 reports for emergency room, inpatient and outpatient visits by diagnostic code. 
The Datatrack Application is a secure-encrypted web-based software tool that validates all hospital data submitted to OHA. The application imports patient-level data files from more than 200 hospitals on either a monthly or quarterly basis, with an estimated 35 million records collected every year.  The Datatrack system improves accuracy, timeliness and ease of submission through data validations and tools that help hospitals troubleshoot potential problems. Once processed, hospitals can review, correct and sign off on the data.
ASP worked with the marketing department to develop a Kentico website and integrate with their CRM to automatically display information on the website.  ASP integrated the applications and website with their single sign-on system for user and member convenience.