Bar Exam Applicant Tracking Web Application for the West Virginia Board of Law Examiners

ASP has developed a bar application tracking application for students taking the bar exam, lawyers applying for reciprocity to practice in the state of West Virginia, resident professors and limited perm applicants. Application information is easily imported from the National Conference online application.  The team can record fees received from applicants and generate a deposit of fees at any time.  The application displays a list of required documentation from the applicant.  As the documents are received, they are removed from the list.  The applicant may have more than one exam and more than one application to take the exam.  There are areas to print individual letters and envelopes for correspondence with applicants.  There is a section to log admissions from other states and the admission for West Virginia.  

There is a global reporting section to print letters, envelopes, mail merges, export records in excel, csv, and pdf formats for all applicants or for a exam date. 

The application has a testing section that allows the test administrators to select the date of the exam and view all of the applicants for that testing date.  From this screen, the application can apply random seating numbers for scoring purposes, print exam rosters for check-in processes and mail merge letters for applicants attending the exam.  There are different methods for entering score results including a batch process for multiple records at one time.

Each applicant is reviewed by the Character Committee and some by the Board.  The admin user can upload documents to each record and mark them for review by the committee or the board with notes and a summary for each record.  Each committee and board member has a login and view only the records marked for their review.  Comments by committee and board are logged in the application and email notifications are sent daily when comments are posted.