Association Websites - Much Easier to Use than YourMembership or other Membership Websites. 

Custom, Responsive Design, Unlimited Pages, Membership Management - (Online New Member Dues and Due Renewals), Custom Membership Applicaiton Forms, Events and Advanced Event Registration with Session Selection, Lunch Choices, Outings - (with or without additiona costs), Public or Private Directories, Custom Search Directories, Private Member Pages, Editable Member Profiles, News and Articles, Photo Galleries, Member Idea Box, Contact Us Forms, Forums, Newsletter Subscription Forms, and we can custom add any additional feature you need.

Here is an example of one of our association websites:

Independent Oil and Gas Association Website with Advanced Event Registration, Member Private Pages, Member Online Application with Conditional Logic, Member Management and Due Renewals.

We designed and developed this responsive, interactive website for the association with event management and credit card processing for event registration and member applications.  One of the main goals was to organize several sections of information for new visitors and existing members in a clean, modern look and feel.  They wanted existing members to have one click to access frequently used items and still make the visitor want to join the association.  Sponsors for the events were given the extra benefit of placement on the home page of their website.   We accomplished this with an interactive scrolling bar of images that have an option for links to the sponsor websites. 
They have five major events a year and we displayed the events on the home page and as individual pages with forms for registration rather than an empty graphical calendar.  The advanced event registration forms allow for additional sessions, outings and other items to be added to the registration price.  There are accommodations for class sizes and early or late price changes.  You can also register more than one person.  The checkout process with credit card processing is utilized by the event registration.  There is a membership application form with conditional logic.