Mobile App Development

The possibilities of mobile application development are endless and limited only by our imaginations. We build full-featured mobile applications ready for submission to consumer app stores. Here are some of the features of applications that we are developing:

  • Login screens with user management storing user names, passwords, additional fields and data from the application 
  • Social media integration including authentication for user management, posting to outlets, joining and following outlets, and pledges to outlets
  • User entry fields in varying formats including drop down boxes, radio buttons and text fields, etc.
  • Backend data stores for small and large scale applications
  • Multi-lingual options
  • Interactive display screens that calculate and display the results for a rich web experience
  • GIS mapping with custom geospatial layers displaying queried areas in different colors and pins for locations
  • Integration with other vendor API/web services for pulling information or pushing information to another system
  • Reporting features with custom reports that tally overall results and filter to obtain specific program information and export options 
  • Email notification to program administrator and or participants with results and thanking them for participation
  • HIPAA compliant system management and data delivery